THE EUROPEAN ABC "Awareness of Borders to Cross"

June 19, 2018

Welcome to our website Erasmus+ „The European ABC – Awareness of Borders to Cross“

We are students and teachers from high schools in Parabiago/Italy, Bendinat/Spain, Torun/Poland and Syke/Germany. We have done some great international projects in the past, and now we are at the outset of a new project. - „The European ABC“ - „Awareness of Borders to Cross“. We will not only meet new friends in Europe but also learn about the lives, hopes and fears of those young people who are seeking refuge in Europe or live as migrants in our countries. We want to look over our horizon, learn about each other, overcome prejudice and respect each other – and absorb the manifold inspirations we will get from each others' beliefs and values. We want to be active European citizens who believe in democracy, freedom and equality.

The kick off  meeting in Parabiago/Italy at the end September 2016, where directors and teachers from each partner country met to plan the project, gave a great start. Now we are looking forward to travelling to Torun/Poland in March 2017.

Students’ performances

During a few-day workshop, the participants prepared a performance which was  a summary of the Italian stage of the project.

The performance included the poems about migrants which Polish group was responsible for. The Spanish group was  in charge of the spectacle “The Sea is crying”. There was also a Syrian dance created and presented by the German and Syrian group. The Italian group organised a part about the EU and its activities. For example, “Erasmus in schools”, “ Erasmus+ project” “The European ABC “Students without Frontiers” by Sibilla Restelli.

Then, there was the presentation of the book “Ho viaggiato fin qui. Storie di giovani migranti” by Erickson by Cristiana Ceci, curatrice del libro.

The special guests Head of the Milan EP office  Mr. Marasà and councilor Parabiago  Mrs. Nebuloni emphasized the importance of the performance .

Last but not least, the German group made a presentation on the Syrian migration, the Italians about  the situation in Ethiopia and Libya, the Spanish on west African countries, and finally the Polish team on the Chechen and Crimean issues.

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