THE EUROPEAN ABC "Awareness of Borders to Cross"

June 19, 2018

Welcome to our website Erasmus+ „The European ABC – Awareness of Borders to Cross“

We are students and teachers from high schools in Parabiago/Italy, Bendinat/Spain, Torun/Poland and Syke/Germany. We have done some great international projects in the past, and now we are at the outset of a new project. - „The European ABC“ - „Awareness of Borders to Cross“. We will not only meet new friends in Europe but also learn about the lives, hopes and fears of those young people who are seeking refuge in Europe or live as migrants in our countries. We want to look over our horizon, learn about each other, overcome prejudice and respect each other – and absorb the manifold inspirations we will get from each others' beliefs and values. We want to be active European citizens who believe in democracy, freedom and equality.

The kick off  meeting in Parabiago/Italy at the end September 2016, where directors and teachers from each partner country met to plan the project, gave a great start. Now we are looking forward to travelling to Torun/Poland in March 2017.

Week of Tolerance in Toruń

The International Day of Tolerance is celebrated on November the 16th.

The UNESCO General Conference adopted the Declaration of Principles of Tolerance at its 28th session in 1995. Consequently, tolerance is respecting rights and property, recognition and acceptance of individual differences; ability to listen, communicate and understand others; appreciating the diversity of cultures; opening to other people’s thoughts and philosophy; curiosity and acceptance of  the unknown; the conviction that no one has a monopoly on the truth.
On November 13th -19th 2017, we joined the initiative the Mayor of Toruń, Michael Zaleski, which was the Week of Tolerance. It is a city celebration promoting ideas of openness, dialogue and understanding. On this occasion, the youth of the School of Economics took part in school workshops organized on tolerance, acceptance of the dissimilarity between people and counteracting aggression.

Students of our school went to the Photographic  Gallery at ul. Różana, to see the exhibition “Toruń Citizens by Choice” (Toruńczycy z wyboru) presenting 23 portraits of residents of our city from other countries, including Russia, Syria, China, Japan, Iraq and Peru. There was also  the Second Match of Tolerance where our students were present and cheered the players joyfully .

On the ground floor, in the school hall, the results of the workshop activities were presented in the form of exhibition.

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