THE EUROPEAN ABC "Awareness of Borders to Cross"

March 26, 2019

Welcome to our website Erasmus+ „The European ABC – Awareness of Borders to Cross“

We are students and teachers from high schools in Parabiago/Italy, Bendinat/Spain, Torun/Poland and Syke/Germany. We have done some great international projects in the past, and now we are cooperating again in our latest project - „The European ABC“ - „Awareness of Borders to Cross“. We do not only meet new friends in Europe but also learn about the lives, hopes and fears of those young people who are seeking refuge in Europe or live as migrants in our countries. We try to look over our horizons, learn about each other, overcome prejudice and respect each other – and absorb the manifold inspirations we get from each others' beliefs and values. We want to be active European citizens who believe in democracy, freedom and equality. We have been working, travelling, laughing and crying together with our friends from Syria, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and other countries. Here you will find documents, fotos, videos and much more about our beautiful successful Erasmus+ Project “The European ABC”.  

Polish students also like to help Aleppo – the school charity event

On December 6th the school unit of Caritas, the Erasmus + project group, and student council organised the lottery which brought 544 PLN. The money was transferred to the account of “Caritas – Aleppo Help” joined the action led by Caritas Poland in the whole country “The Polish Families for the Families in Syria”.

“Aleppo – a city in Syria, about 50 km south of the border with Turkey on the outskirts of the Syrian Desert, in the semi-arid area.  Aleppo was the largest Syrian city before the Syrian Civil War; however, now Aleppo is probably the second-largest city in Syria after the capital Damascus.” Wikipedia
Over half a million dead and more than a million permanently maimed. This is a shocking balance of the Syrian civil war that has been going on for six years.
Many individuals and charitable organizations in Poland and around the world have joined in helping Syrian people.

We could also help, though symbolically, and therefore we had asked students, their parents and teachers to participate in our school charity action as a gesture of solidarity with children in Syria, who became the biggest victims of this war.

So before Christmas the whole school made plenty of Christmas cards and various Christmas decorations which were  distributed among the teachers, and parents. They were also won by the students during the Christmas lottery. Besides, a lot of parents responded to our action positively and brought great prizes for the lottery.  Thanks to all the school community’s involvement, we could make a contribution in order to give a helping hand to the people in need.

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