THE EUROPEAN ABC "Awareness of Borders to Cross"

March 30, 2020

Welcome to our website Erasmus+ „The European ABC – Awareness of Borders to Cross“

We are students and teachers from high schools in Parabiago/Italy, Bendinat/Spain, Torun/Poland and Syke/Germany. We have done some great international projects in the past, and now we are cooperating again in our latest project - „The European ABC“ - „Awareness of Borders to Cross“. We do not only meet new friends in Europe but also learn about the lives, hopes and fears of those young people who are seeking refuge in Europe or live as migrants in our countries. We try to look over our horizons, learn about each other, overcome prejudice and respect each other – and absorb the manifold inspirations we get from each others' beliefs and values. We want to be active European citizens who believe in democracy, freedom and equality. We have been working, travelling, laughing and crying together with our friends from Syria, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and other countries. Here you will find documents, fotos, videos and much more about our beautiful successful Erasmus+ Project “The European ABC”.  
Project Teachers

 Gisela Paterkiewicz (Germany)

Verleihung des Europäischen Bürgerpreises in Berlin, v.l. Christian, Gisela Paterkiewicz, Imke, Alexander Alvaro, Vize-Präsident des Europa-ParlamentsHello,

My name is Gisela Paterkiewicz ,my students call me “Mrs P.” . I have been teaching English and Spanish at BBS Syke Europaschule in Germany for many years now.

 It is great to be part of European projects as I firmly believe that especially young people must widen their horizon, get to know people of other cultures and find friends abroad. I myself left my hometown Bremen, Northern Germany, at the age of 19 to work as a bilingual secretary in Dublin, Ireland where I lived almost four years in Ireland.

During my university career in Göttingen, Germany, I had the chance to spend a year in Sevilla in Spain and spend most holidays in England working for a language school. I loved being at different places and move and travel a lot. After my first state exam I even worked for the British TV.

However, with the birth of my younger son Jan who has got the Down Syndrome, we finally went back to Germany to settle down in small quiet town Syke. Now, if not at school, I am at home all the time cooking, washing and looking after Jan. We have a big garden, a beautiful cat and a shed full of bicycles to go on excursions in summer or winter. As often as possible, we go on holidays to a tiny island Helgoland in the North Sea.

It is a real pleasure for me to coordinate the new project „The European ABC“ and I am sure all participants will have a lot of fun and make many new experiences and  will also get better in foreign languages.

Maria Giovanna Colombo (Italy)


Hello !!!

Lucja Modzelewska (Poland)

Hello everybody!!!

My name is Lucja Modzelewska. I have been living in Torun the city of gingerbread and Nicolaus Copernicus since I was born. This old and beautiful town full of medieval relics is located in the center of Poland and is splited into two parts by the Polish longest river – Vistula. Here you can find also one of the biggest Polish universities, University of Nicolaus Copernicus, which I attended at the Economics Faculty, which I graduated with the title of Master of Science. My master degree was related to employees hierarchy in big companies.

After finishing the univesrity I’ve started to work as a teacher of economics in one of Toruns’ Highschools what I’m doing till now. The school I mentioned is of course High School of Economics in Torun, where I also am organizing EU related science club EuroEkonomik and I’m a tutor for school students self management.

In my free time I like to browse the Internet and watch interesting movies on television, especially criminal movies and comedies. During vacation I like travelling and meeting new people. I must admit that I just love to participate in projects like this, which are always entertaining and very challenging.


Nela Hidalgo (Spain)